Myanmar – Bagan: Beauty with no balloons necessary

May 27, 2018

On our way to Bagan.. (after exploring Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar and the city of the most smiling people). Where should we make our base? We had three options to choose from – Old Bagan (historical center and the closest gateway to all the pagodas), Nyaung U (bustling town center) and New Bagan (the most southern part of the town). New Bagan is the winner. After the arrival, we head straight to the closest stand to greet “local businessmen” and rent an electric bicycle. You can get (almost) everywhere on it. And fast – well, as fast as your (almost) 30-kilometer-per-hour electric buddy allows you.

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Myanmar – Yangon: In the city of the most smiling people

February 13, 2017

Arrival. Airport hall. Money Exchange. Dollars for Kyats (Be careful, you can exchange maximum of 100 dollars per person. However, more stalls with a very similar exchange rate are along the way, so two of you can exchange up to 1000 dollars. But that would mean an extra bag just to carry the money:) 1 dollar is approximately 1350 Kyats and they’ll give you the money in thousand-, hundred- and smaller bank notes. Fortunately, they don’t have coins here:) Quickly buying a SIM card, leaving the airport. And we are in the country of the most smiling people.  Read More

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