“Iv on a mission” blog „came into life“ as my virtual notebook.

My observations, pieces of advice on accommodation, memories of the typical local specialties.

Mixed with interesting facts about the places.

And on the other side; my point of view what to skip when traveling.

Each trip is different. Sometimes it’s a 30-day trip across Asia with a backpack.

Sometimes it’s a „car marathon“ across Europe.

Sometimes it’s just a culinary weekend trip to a nearby metropole.

However, I hope you’ll find among my posts the ones which will help you.

Maybe during the preparations before your trip.

Or maybe during your discovery of local tastes of the destination.

Or maybe just a little inspiration and funny reading..

Read, comment and what’s the most important –  travel with your heart and eyes open!
Because that’s the right


P.S. In each article, there are a few points you find:

HistoricalMust: Essential facts from the history ⎜FootPrints: What you encounter while crawling through the streets 

Taste: What you must definitely taste, because – you just mustToSleep: My choice of accommodation and whether it was a good decision 

GoodToKnow: Some of my babbles from books JustToKnow: Just to know..