2 weeks in Andalusia with Morocco, Portugal and Gibraltar on our tail

November 4, 2012 // Average time of reading: 6 mins. Enjoy 1-day Malaga!

“Well, let’s book this. La Paloma, 1 star. We will just be sleeping there one night…” says T. in the check-in-control queue at the airport. A typical situation – we can manage the check-in by a hair’s breadth, we are taking off in a few minutes, landing in a few hours and using Wi-Fi at M. R. Štefánik Airport, so that we could stay overnight somewhere after the arrival at Malaga. “We will just be sleeping there one night…” And we are going towards Andalusia – Portugal – Morocco – Gibraltar. Hasta pronto!


In Andalúzia, Európske, Malaga, Španielsko