November 4, 2012 // Average time of reading: 6 mins. Enjoy 1-day Malaga!

“Well, let’s book this. La Paloma, 1 star. We will just be sleeping there one night…” says T. in the check-in-control queue at the airport. A typical situation – we can manage the check-in by a hair’s breadth, we are taking off in a few minutes, landing in a few hours and using Wi-Fi at M. R. Štefánik Airport, so that we could stay overnight somewhere after the arrival at Malaga. “We will just be sleeping there one night…” And we are going towards Andalusia – Portugal – Morocco – Gibraltar. Hasta pronto!

I cannot omit a note on the accommodation in La Paloma – the locality was OK, but when you shut the balcony door – the main door opens (no, it cannot be locked). You can hear everything, even though you want to or not + three drunk rabbis were pounding on our door at three AM by accident which is probably normal, as well. As though, you lock the door, it is still possible for them to “pound” into the room.

ToSleep: Calle Barcenillas, 8 – Malaga – Tel. –  0034 952 25 68 79,

Where have they taken the gorgeous photos published on their website – I have no idea, though. Our “small room” did not resemble any of them even a little…


Although, Malaga was only our arrival point, we managed to see some stuff:

HistoricalMustThe main cathedral is called “La Manquita” (means one-armed) – one of the towers has never been accomplished, even though the work lasted longer than 2 centuries! That is why you can notice a combination of more architectural styles there. Sunday is Malaga is great – free entry to the Alcazaba (after 2 PM) and free entry to the Picasso Museum (after 6 PM). The Alcazaba is the old Muslim palace on Mount Gibralfaro. The older castle offers nice views of the port and the hearth of the city.

The Picasso Museum did not charm me much, maybe because it was very similar to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Pablo Picasso had been born in Malaga and moved out when he was 9 years old. He would come back only during summer holidays. Buena Vista Palace, in which the museum is situated, is near the cathedral, so you cannot pass it. And Pablo’s house is nearby the museum, at Plaza de la Merced.


GoodToKnow – When you are not lucky about the free entries on Sundays, prepare 2,10 € on the Alcazaba  and 8,00 € on the Picasso Museum.

My biggest highlight of Malaga was the dinner. Tapeo de Cervantes. The absolute number one in the chart of Tripadvisor and I agree with that. There is one small room into which they managed to situate 6 small tables that are permanently occupied. Either you keep nudging someone sitting at the next table with your elbow, or you are being nudged by the waiter trying to go round:) However, you do not mind, it belongs to that as their excellent tapas. Try tune fish with cauliflower puree, or jamón iberico. Our winners are their green olives! You do not have to order any, they will bring some to you with wine to welcome you:)

TEjST, to see the biggest bestsellers check Tapeo de Cervantes on Tripadvisor

The second day in the morning, we picked up our booked car in the car hired company on the airport and start our trip to Granada. Yahoo, there was a new little red Audi A1 waiting for us. However, with the fuel tank half empty and with no insurance! Therefore, our worries about not crashing it began. What a typical situation. Fortunately, T. was the driver!

GoodToKnow – We had booked the car at home in advance and got a nice discount. It is really worth checking You can find next recommendations on travelling in a peculiar article on Ivonamission blog soon!

And keep reading about a city of pomegranates – Granade!

Fjumór photos de Malaga:


A stylish welcome as it should be! Tapas! Spanish omelette Tortilla, prawns, olives, anchovies – “Boquerones” in Spanish which is what inhabitants of Malaga speak:) You can read more about the tastes of Andalusia in a special article soon


“El abrazo ala cruz es un abrazo al amor” (A hug of a cross is a hug of love).  A statue by Jorge Rando in the garden of the cathedral


Street art in the streets of Malaga


Plaza de la Marina by the port and “the park”. El Pargue de Malága is a 112-year-old beautiful tropical garden which belongs to the most important public parks in Europe


Monument to Torrijos at Plaza de la Merced is dedicated to General Torrijos and his 49 “men” who were executed on the beaches of Malaga in 1831. Why? Read here

Sangria has to be… In Granada, too – read next!