February 24, 2019

I was supposed to write a post just about my tips for healthy spots (with healthy bowls) in New York. Which I successfully did → find it here. However, strolling down my photo gallery and looking at all the pictures of interesting places with great food, I just can’t leave it forgotten in my phone.. I’m permanently hungry while writing these NYC blog posts, so let’s read and eat :)

1. Supermoon Bakehouse

.. when you need a sugar boost

Eat dessert first, right? That’s why I’m starting with a tip for the best sweet experience in New York. Entering the bakehouse, looking at the cool simple interior. Then looking at the food presented on a long marble stone table, with amazing sparkling packaging behind it. And what is it all about? About doughnuts and croissants! All beautifully set on the marble stone which elevates the sweet pieces to the work of art. I tried Matcha Croissant with lemon curd and white chocolate & Doughnut filled with black sesame crème and passion fruit curd. No words needed.

Supermoon bakery is a super cool place with super croissants and super doughnuts!

PS. I think I was the first person who bought 2 sparkling Supermoon bags to take home (empty). I just love their packaging.

Supermoon Bakehouse: 120 Rivington St, NY 10002 / @supermoonbakehouse

2. Timna 

.. when you want to mess with hummus 

I would definitely recommend you to have dinner here! However, as I haven’t had a chance for dinner yet, I will definitely recommend you to brunch here. Which I did try. And I can almost guarantee that your belly will be full until dinner time. If you love dipping pita bread into a tangy hummus and bite into a crispy falafel, you can expect all this here. With a signature touch of this place and the art of the head chef Nir Mesika. He has brought here the taste of modern Israeli cuisine mixed with a Mediterranean and North African touch. We spent a nice talk with Nir as Tino was interviewing him for INSP.EAT talk. And next day we came for a big brunch and big satisfying smiles (of our full tummies).

GoodToKnow: INSP.EAT interviews are talks over the good food. Tino started to interview interesting people from art, culture and food scene. You can find all Slovak, Czech and English versions of INSP.EAT talks on Tino’ s web. Chef Nir Mesika spoke about the creativity and of course – about the art of food. Check the interview here.

Timna: 109 St Marks Pl, NY 10009 / @timnanyc

JustToKnow: A few steps from Timna, there is another very nice spot for breakfast, brunch or an evening drink. Mogador has a nice vibe and as it’s a favorite spot for locals, so reservations are advised. And their Happy Hours? With a drink, you get small tapas of your choice. Sipping a drink has never been easier:)  

3. Saltwater Coffee & Devócion

.. when you need a black power shot

I mentioned Saltwater Café in my “Bowl” post, but I am happy to repeat: coffee was just perfect and the small café has its own charm. Lazy morning should definitely start here! You might know beetroot cappuccino, turmeric or charcoal latte.. but I came here to try the Ube latte! OK, alongside with a guilty pleasure in the form of Milk & Honey doughnut by Underwestdoughnuts :)

GoodToKnow: Ube is a purple sweet potato originally from the Philippines. Love that color! Turmeric, an old Indian spice is called a sacred root. It contains a powerful compound called Curcumin with health benefits, special taste and bright yellow color.

Saltwater Coffee: 345 E 12th St, NY 10003 / @saltwaternyc

If you are in the area of Williamsburg (maybe heading from Smorgasburg street food market) and longing for a strong shot of Espresso; try Devócion. Industrial look and specialty coffee is just the perfect combination. Café was built out of a former warehouse and you can see the roasting room too. Head here only if you have your credit card with you – no cash accepted (just like in so many other hip places)!

Devócion: 69 Grand St. (at Wythe), Brooklyn, NY 11249 / @devocionusa

4. Momofuku Noodle Bar

..when you miss the smell of chilli and taste of Asia

David Chang’s first-ever restaurant. But not only his name and that famous ramen are reasons worth coming here. I ordered Chicken. Just chicken and rice. And I got the best chicken I have ever eaten. I don’t remember how they make it, unfortunately. But it was so soft and the simple broth was so tasty. It’s a big candidate to fight against the classic grandma’s Sunday baked chicken.. Well, ok, it already won the fight.

JustToKnow: Try one of their buns as well. Roasted Shiitake with hoisin, scallion and cucumber was a great way to start the feast.

Momofuku Noodle Bar: East Village, 171 1st Avenue, NY 10003 / @momolongplay

5. Chacha Matcha

.. when you need a green power shot

Because I love you so matcha! Are you tired of visiting all the great specialty coffee hipster cafés and all the perfectly designed cold pressed juiceries? (No, we are never!) But try to change for a green miracle. Chacha Matcha has 3 spots in New York and I’m pretty sure that in each of them, there will be the same long line. Rightfully. Quality and variety of Matcha drinks were great. What’s also interesting, Chacha Matcha made a collaboration with Virgin Abloh to rebrand their drinking wares recently. Fully compostable eating and drinking utensils came with this collaboration.

GoodToKnow: See the NYC locations here. And check their store to grab a hoodie by Virgil Abloh.

Chacha Matcha: 373 Broome Street, NY 10013 / @chachamatcha

6. Annicka

.. when you need just to enjoy a perfect dinner time

Annicka is New York’s first farm brewery restaurant serving only New York State products. Almost everything on the menu is local, sourced from North Brooklyn Farms. Wine, beer and cocktails are also local. By the way, the owner of Annicka also owns Greenpoint Beer & Ale. Interior and food servings are simple but cool, and the food simply delicious. We were a group of 8 people so we had an opportunity to try a lot from the menu and a lot from their specialty beers offer. And we must give five of five stars for the night spent in Annicka.

GoodToKnow: Recently, Annicka continues to regroup after the winter and will be closed until further notice. Let’s wait and see.. And taste!

Annicka / @annickanyc

7. Burger (Joint) & (Roberta’s) Pizza

.. when you have enough super-power-healthy-buddha bowls

Ode to a perfect pizza would be short: Roberta’s. You just cannot go wrong. I recommend Margherita for the lovers of simplicity.

Roberta’s: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 / @robertaspizza

And an ode to a burger is easy too. You’ve probably heard about the secret burger restaurant hidden behind the red curtain in a posh hotel, haven’t you? Yes, that’s it. And behind that red curtain, a juicy surprise awaits. Don’t expect fancy serving or special, non-traditional combinations. Just a burger and fries. But approved by the old-time embellished recipe formula.

Burger Joint: 119 West 56th Street, NY 10019 (In Parker New York Hotel) / @burgerjointnyc

8. Vinegar Hill House

.. when you find a hidden treasure

We were walking from a sunset spot near Dumbo area and appeared in an industrial area close to Vinegar Hill district. Too hungry to go back, too late to go somewhere else. So we texted our good friend Luca. And he has a great “verified” tip for a great food spot in every part of the city. He wrote back only 4 words: “Vinegar Hill House, Definitely!” This tiny restaurant is hidden between the houses in the industrial area close to the waterfront. And for me, it was a hidden gem. Streets were empty, it was dark outside, but inside there was a lively vibe. All the seats were full and it seemed to me, that everybody acts as a friend here. We luckily got the seats at the copper-topped bar. Ideal; you see the bartender mixing the cocktails, but we also had a good view of the really really tiny open kitchen. A wood-burning fire is a secret, where the signature dishes are cooked up. The menu wasn’t extensive, but that’s how I like it. Only seasonal quality ingredients, though perfectly made. And as it states on their webpage: “it’s all about to compose artful and satisfying eats”.

GoodToKnow: As I found later in the reviews, it’s pretty hard to get a seat here. During the summer and nice weather, you can enjoy the food also on their patio outside. Vinegar Hill House is open only for dinner during the week, but weekends.. Weekends are made for brunch, too:)

JustToKnow: I borrowed this photo from Vinegar Hill House website. We were soo hungry, that we did not take any photos – not even the food! But I remember, we had a great Charred octopus dish, Cauliflower, and Roasted red beetroots.. 

 Vinegar Hill House: 72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 / @vinegarhillhouse

9. Dear Irving, Sleep No More & Gallow Green

.. when you need more excitement (and more alcohol) for the night

I mentioned our friend Luca before, so this is another catch from him and his girlfriend. We met at the address they sent us. After a few minutes, we were caught by the time-hop back atmosphere of this speakeasy-like cocktail parlor. You walk in and time-travel through the rooms; from the JFK room to the Marie Antoinette one with chandeliers. Cocktails were just great. Each one with a different personal touch. And what I appreciate so much – you do not have to wait for a waiter to order another one. Just ring a personal buzzer at the table :)

GoodToKnow: Recently they have two locations in New York. Newly opened Times Square location is on the 40th floor inside the Aliz Hotel.

Dear Irving: 55 Irving Place, NY 10003 / @dearirving

Have you ever heard about “Sleep No More”? It’s not about food, nor about drinks. It’s about the thrill to be a part of the theatrical play in an old hotel.. Away from the Broadway shows and cabarets. There is no stage; every room and every hotel floor is a playground. And you are part of the game. You can walk on your own, follow the actors or the actors will take you to be part of their performance. Or you can be a witness of sudden happening.. It’s such an experience that I won’t tell you more. Just do it once you are in New York!

But.. I want to write about the place, where we went before the start of Sleep No More experience. You are invited to feel the atmosphere and grab a cocktail on the rooftop of the McKittrick hotel, at Gallow Green. You enter the green paradise with the view over the New York skylines. I ordered a cocktail with the name “Sleep No More”, of course. Imagine the perfect view, surrounded by the greenery and yourself with a drink in your hand – the ideal start of the surprise night.

 Gallow Green: 542 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001 / @gallowgreen

10. Picnic (anywhere)

.. when you just need to relax

And sometimes.. Sometimes you only need a blanket, suncream and a great company. Buy fruits, veggie bowls, some snack, wine and find your place in the shadow of the trees in Central Park. And enjoy New York’s vibe!


And make sure to read about My hunt for the best NYC healthy bowls! 



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