South Africa – 25 days, 4,000 kilometres!

March 8, 2014

We arrived at Johannesburg. Our flight last almost 2 hours longer because of the discovery of a small malfunction of the plane which is being repaired and analyzed. However, there is no need to worry”. In addition to that, some British ladies who sat on the seats behind me singing songs by Rihanna during the night made me not sleep and read and study as much information about South Africa as possible in the 13-hour time in the plane. We had booked the air tickets on Monday and flew on Thursday, so big traveler’s preparation could not be considered. On Tuesday, we were vaccinated, but the doctor had shaken her head – the vaccines start to be effective in 10 or 14 days (therefore, we did not rely on them much – “just be cautious”), she prescribed some antimalarials, a repellent (that was said to be able to etch even a plastic chair), we bought sleeping bags, packed some plum brandy (slivovica) and minimized the amount of the clothes by virtue of our backpacks and went on our 25-day long trip to South Africa. Continue reading


The Garden Route: A mysterious 200-kilometre-long journey

May 14, 2012

It can be written a lot about the Garden Route, but even more can be shown. In addition to that, I have chosen the option “less words, more photos”. “A mysterious journey” along south-eastern coast of the Republic of South Africa is a 200-kilometre long route with lagoons, lakes, beaches, beautiful countryside and hidden towns… Good is to divide the whole journey to 3, 4, or 5 days and even better while going along the main route to turn as many times as possible to inconspicuous paths to find a beach, an accommodation, and spend your day/night with biltong and chilled beer. Read More

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