March 17, 2017

Sometimes pictures tell you more than letters. These were caught by our old friend – Lomo Fish Eye analog camera.


Kuang Si, stunning turquoise waterfall, 30 kilometres southwest of Luang Prabang town. You can climb further up the hill to the very top of the waterfall. You’ll find a small lake there with a wooden raft and a smiling man sitting under the tree. Just for a few minutes and just for a few kips, he can take you for a cruise to the spring. It makes you feel that you are in the jungle far far away from the civilization.


R1-18Mekong River translates as a Mother of Water. During the dry season you can see children playing „on the river“ or tents standing on the shoal.R1-19

Luang Prabang has two parts, divided by the Mekong River. One side is THAT Luang Prabang, declared by UNESCO as „an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures.. Unique, remarkably well-preserved townscape illustrates a key stage in the blending of these two distinct cultural traditions.“ But on the other side, you can find Chomphet district. There are no roads, no hotels, no English.. You can cross the river by ferry with your moto, but be aware – there is only one map (picture on a table) up the hill when you take off the ferry. And then, there is only pavement road and from time to time wooden signs in Lao language. The nature is beautiful. Buffalos on the roads may be a little scary. People smiling. Children waving and running after you. Definitely – take a ferry to experience a different Luang Prabang in the Chomphet District.


Ferry to Chomphet. Boat ride takes only about 5-10 minutes and you pay around 10.000 kip (1 euro) for a cruise with a motorbike (this is a price for a tourist, locals will pay less for crossing the river).R1-23

Chomphet district. Bumpy, dirty road taking you back in time..R1-26Chomphet District. Traditional Laotian house – built of wood and raised off the ground on stilts. In many areas, these houses are slowly disappearing.R1-27R1-29R1-28Children are running after you, screaming „Sabaidee“ (Hi)
R1-32If you have a Lao sim card with data – good. However, Google Maps are also lost here (no roads, no map)! So better to download the area map here. Wish I knew it before:)R1-33And.. what NOT TO DO in Luang Prabang? Absolutely no need to go to watch the sunset at Mount Phou Si. You will read everywhere, that the view is stunning, but.. you will see (and hear) only other people trying to catch the photo of the sun. Really funny to watch the sunset catchers:) 100m high Phou Si is definitely a nice place. To get to this Buddhist teple you need to walk 325 stairs:) But there are many other much prettier sunset spots. For example Ock Pop Tok terrace – if you are lucky, you can watch the sun set maybe even alone


Just crazy :)

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